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Strengthen Your Campus Security with a K9 Team
Techniques for Ensuring the Safety of Hospitals, K-12 Schools, Universities, Stadiums, and Outdoor Events

Greg Guidice,
CEO & President,
Elite Detection K9

Robin Hattersley,
Campus Safety Magazine

  • A dog's sense of smell is 1 million times greater than a human's
  • Deployment of a explosives/munitions-detection K9 team is a uniquely proactive security strategy
  • A K9's nose can detect up to 19,000 explosive combinations
  • Elite Detection was founded on the belief that everyone, wherever they may go, should feel safe and protected at all times
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Secret #1
Canines are a visual deterrent that inhibits dangerous behaviors 
Secret #2
K9s can quickly search large areas for hazards not detected by the human eye

Secret #3
Dogs can detect the six major categories of explosives as well as homemade explosives 

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