Free Toolkit for Hospitals: 
Preparing for Patient Surges 

The "On The Safe Side" Toolkit is a free hospital security planning resource designed to help your healthcare organization manage security and public health emergencies

What's Included in the Toolkit?
The "On the Safe Side" Toolkit is designed to give preparedness planners easy access to many of the materials they will need to appropriately respond to emergencies. It will help to develop effective hospital security and traffic management plans for medical patient surges and other emergency situations; create a point of dispensing site security and traffic management plan for mass prophylaxis and medication distribution; prepare for and host a hospital and law enforcement multidisciplinary training workshop; and assist healthcare facilities in hosting tabletop exercises. 

Toolkit includes:

  • Hospital Mass Surge Assessment Template and Site Diagrams
  • Hospital Infrastructure Assessment Template and Site Diagrams
  • Point of Dispensing Site User Guide and Assessment Template
  • ​Tabletop Exercise User Guide and Templates
  • ​And more...
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