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Campus Safety Webcast
Campus Safety Presents....
Preparing for the Unthinkable: An Active Shooting in a School
This presentation will address the range of things that can be done to prevent an active shooter event and respond to one that occurs.
Recorded live May 16, 2019
  •  Learn why civilians have a key role to play in preventing an active shooter and what they can do.
  •  Attendees will broaden their focus on an active shooter event beyond the response phase. 
  •  All members of the campus community have a role to play in any active event. Specific roles will be identified. 
  •  Attendees will learn how to run, how to hide, and how to fight in order to survive. 
  •  Attendees will learn the major factors governing how to develop a personal survival plan for any location.

Moderated by: 
Amy Rock
Senior Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

John Weinsten
Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)

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